Path of Exile Atlas skill tree for endgame map farming with Delirium, Abyss and Breach strategy

PoE 3.23 Affliction optimized Atlas tree strategy and build for Delirium, Abyss and Breach.


Endgame Delirium, Breach and Abyss map farming Atlas tree build for PoE 3.23 Affliction

Link to the Atlas skill tree

This build focuses on a moderate investment - high profit strategy for endgame mapping: thanks to the Exarch influence, its altars, Delirium, Breach and Abyss encounters we are looking at very busy maps with great pack density.

The moderate investment comes from the Abyss scarab, Breach scarab and as many sextants as your atlas can allow to, other than crafting your map. If you're not ready yet to juice the maps with fragments, consider Stream of Consciousness.

To force the Delirium Mirror to appear in your maps, either use the Kirac's map device craft or buy compasses with the Delirium Mirror.

PoE Atlas - Endgame Delirium Map Farming Atlas Tree for 3.23

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