Best 3.23 Endgame Atlas tree: Exarch or Eldritch Altars, Legion, Essences and Tormented spirits

PoE 3.23 Affliction optimized Atlas tree strategy and build for end-game mapping.


Best Endgame Atlas for PoE 3.23 Affliction

Link to the Atlas skill tree - Exarch version Link to the Atlas skill tree - Eldritch version

This build is the definition of high risk - high reward: by taking Wrath of the Cosmos you need a strong character build, and the Legion encounters can get difficult as well.

Legion and Essence provide some of the best currency gains if you don't want to invest a lot in your maps: Legion's "War Supplies" chests provide some of the best currency among other league mechanic from the Atlas tree and Essences are always great during the first weeks of the league on due to early-game crafting.

The best map for this strategy is the Dunes map due its wide and open layout which favours Legion, however there are a few strong alternatives such as Phantasmagoria and Cemetery maps due their good layouts and divination cards (which got changed in this patch).

Both Eldritch and Exarch altars provide good currency/hr, it comes down to the player's preference: Eldritch influence has overall less chaos/hr ratio compared to Exarch's, that's why this atlas build focusses on red altars.

Disclaimer: this atlas tree demands a very powerful character build and is not safe for hardcore because the Wrath of the Cosmos and Eldritch Gaze encounters can get difficult.

Thanks to Cryptic Gateway we can refund some nodes we don't need anymore if you were using the early game atlas strategy.

PoE Atlas - Endgame Exarch Altars Map Farming Atlas Tree for 3.23

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