Best 3.24 Endgame Atlas tree: Exarch or Eldritch Altars, Expedition, Harvest, Scarabs and Shrines

PoE 3.24 Necropolis optimized Atlas tree strategy and build for end-game mapping.

BEST ATLAS for 3.24

Best Endgame Atlas for PoE 3.24 Necropolis

Link to the Atlas skill tree - Eldritch version Link to the Atlas skill tree - Exarch version

This build is the definition of high risk - high reward: by taking Wrath of the Cosmos you need a strong character build, and the Legion encounters can get difficult as well.

Expedition is the main League mechanic this atlas focuses on, while enhancing smaller bonuses such as Altars, that help a lot your character for clearing maps. Harvest is the other main League mechanic this atlas focuses on, providing good crafting options and currency for low investment. Scarab nodes are new to this patch and they seem strong for the low investment needed. Finally, Shrines is there to help characters clear maps easily: you can replace these nodes with something else.

Expedition is one of the best League mechanics early on, because you can scale how hard the encounter can be (avoid risky mods for your build) while giving strong currency returns (like with Tujen) and even craftable gear (with Rog). Another good candidate could be Legion for builds with strong clear and AoE.

However if you don't want to go for Expedition or Harvest, check out our other guides such as the Legion Atlas atlas strategy.

Both Eldritch and Exarch altars provide good currency/hr, it comes down to the player's preference: Eldritch influence has overall less chaos/hr ratio compared to Exarch's, that's why this atlas build focusses on red altars.

Disclaimer: this atlas tree demands a very powerful character build and is not safe for hardcore because the Wrath of the Cosmos and Eldritch Gaze encounters can get difficult.

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