Path of Exile Atlas skill tree for early-game maps farming

PoE 3.24 Necropolis optimized Atlas tree strategy and build for early-game maps farming


Early Map farming and progression Atlas tree build for PoE 3.24 Necropolis

Link to the Atlas skill tree

Grab more of the small Adjacent Map Drop Chance passives and start allocating some League mechanics, such as Expedition.

Focus on League mechanics that are easy early on and help a lot with your character's progression: Expedition is a great candidate for this because you can scale how hard the encounter can be (avoid risky mods for your build) while giving strong currency returns (like with Tujen) and even craftable gear (with Rog).

The Kirac nodes grant Scouting Reports and Kirac missions that help a lot early on to progress the atlas and find some niche maps that can reward rare loot, however these nodes are not mandatory, so you can replace them with some other mechanic such as Essence if you prefer.

Packed with Energy is an optional node which help when clearing harder maps, however allocating some nodes that grant extra chance to find Niko missions may be needed.

Once you've enough red maps and atlas passive points, check one of the end-game atlas strategies, such as the Best Endgame Atlas strategy.

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