12 Jun 2024

Path of Exile 2: In-Depth Look at the Witch Class and Minion Mechanics

PoE Atlas Blog - Path of Exile 2: Witch Gameplay Walkthrough

The excitement for Path of Exile 2 is reaching new heights with the latest video update from Grinding Gear Games. In this update, Jonathan Rogers, Game Director of Path of Exile 2, provides an in-depth look at the Witch class and its powerful minion mechanics. Here’s a breakdown of the key points from the video and what players can expect when diving into this dark, immersive world.

Introduction to the Witch Class

The Witch class in Path of Exile 2 is designed for players who want to control an army of minions. Unlike most classes, where minions need to be summoned manually, the Witch benefits from minions that are auto-summoned through various items and skills.

Key Features:

Minion Auto-Summoning: Using specific items like a sceptre, players can automatically summon minions such as warriors. Additionally, these items generate a resource called spirit, which is used to summon various minions.

Spirit Management: The spirit bar, displayed above the mana bar, allows players to manage their minion army composition. At lower levels, players might only afford a few minions, but as they level up, they can expand their army significantly.

Minion Mechanics and Control

Minions in Path of Exile 2 come with a host of new mechanics and control options, making gameplay more strategic and engaging.

Minion Revival and Control:

Automatic Revival: Minions revive automatically after battle as long as no other minion has died recently, ensuring that players always enter fights with their full army.

Command Functions: Players can direct their minions to move, attack specific targets, or interact with objects in the environment, such as opening chests or doors.

Temporary and Command Minions:

Temporary Minions: Spells like Unearth create temporary minions from corpses, which can help build a larger army quickly. These minions are fragile but can significantly boost the player's firepower.

Command Skills: Many minions come with unique command skills. For example, a Sniper can deploy a Gas Arrow for damage over time, and Skeletal Arsonists can detonate low-health minions for explosive damage.

Advanced Minion Strategies

As players progress to higher levels, they gain access to more complex and powerful minion combinations and strategies.

High-Level Minion Composition:

Diverse Minions: At higher levels, players can summon a variety of minions such as Storm Mages, Clerics, and Reavers, each bringing unique abilities to the battlefield. Storm Mages can shock enemies, Clerics can heal and revive minions, and Reavers can be enraged to deal high damage.

Command Skills at Higher Levels: Advanced command skills include abilities like Bone Storm, which creates a damaging volley of spikes, and Pain Offering, which sacrifices a minion to buff the rest of the army.

Special Abilities and Offerings:

Power Charges: Abilities like Profane Ritual consume corpses to create Power Charges, enhancing other spells or creating super zombies.

Bind Spectre Gem: This gem allows players to capture powerful enemies as minions. Although costly in terms of spirit, capturing strong foes can turn the tide of battle.

Boss Battles and Tactical Gameplay

The video showcases various boss battles, illustrating how these advanced minion mechanics play out in intense combat scenarios.

Key Boss Encounters:

Carrion Crone and Tor Gul, the Defiler: These bosses demonstrate the strategic depth of the Witch class. Players must effectively manage their minion army, utilizing command skills and strategic positioning to overcome these powerful foes.


Path of Exile 2 is shaping up to be an incredibly rich and complex game, particularly for players who enjoy minion-based gameplay. The Witch class, with its extensive minion mechanics and strategic depth, promises to offer a unique and engaging experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the release, and prepare to command your army in the dark and dangerous world of Wraeclast.

For more details, check out the full video here.

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